Our Round-Trip Packages


Enjoy “Organic Living” experiences by connecting yourself to Nepali life, culture and natural beauty

Sample Itineraries

1. Sweet Friendship (3 nights/4 days)  

Select one of our homestay villages near Pokhara valley (visit direct to homestay page)

2. Connecting Soul & Nature (6 nights/7days) 

Pokhara (day 1 start)-Bhadaure (2N)-Rivan (2N)- Begnas (2N)-Pokhara (day 7 Finish) 

3. Circle of Beautiful life (9 nights/10 days) 

Pokhara (day 1 start)-Pumdi Bhumdi (2N)-Bhadaure (2N)-Rivan (1N)-Sardikhola (1N)-Majhthana (1N)-Begnas (2N)- Pokhara (day 10 Finish) 

4. Naturally Nepal (14 Nights/15 days - including arrival & departure)

Pokhara (day 1 start)- Kathmandu-Pokhara-Rivan-Bhadaure-Pokhara- (possible jump-in to Chitwan-lumbini) –Kathmandu (day 15 Finish) 

Packages Include: All meals (3 times a day) and lodging hosted by farmers/community or our partner hotels, All Ground Transportation, Guides, Porters (if needed), activities around each stop, first-aid

Starting price: $ 50 per night (1-4 people), $ 40 per night (group of 5+people) 

Services on Demand: Airport pick-up & drop, Hotel/Travel Bookings, Activities such as therapies-rafting-paragliding, trekkings etc., (note: if not included in OL packages & Add-ons, costing comes with Itinerary)

The Trip

These packages offer you a mixture of touristic activities such as enjoying panoramic mountain landscapes, hiking through beautiful Nepali villages, trails and nature, fresh water swimming or fishing etc. while connecting yourself to the lifestyle of Nepali families.